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Kickstart 2017 with improved debating skills

FWN Public Speaking Club will be kicking off 2017 with a mock British Parliamentary (BP) debate facilitated by a qualified trainer from the English Speaking Union on 26 January 2016, 6-8pm at the House of Commons.

If you attended the FWN debating training event in September, it is time to dig out your notes! The event will follow the style and the rules of BP debating and will require eight FWN members to volunteer as debaters. Other members will be able to join us to watch the debate unfold.

If you would like to sign up as one of the eight debaters, please choose a “Debater” ticket when you register here and make sure you cancel your ticket if you no longer plan to attend. There are only eight Debater tickets available and they will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

You are equally welcome to simply observe the debate and provide moral support to our brave debaters. In this case, please choose an “Audience member” ticket.

If you would like to refresh your memory as to what BP debating involves, you are welcome to use this helpful guide. Please note that the four teams and eight roles will be allocated by a random draw on the day. The facilitator will also briefly explain the rules to you once again before we dive in.

The exact motion for this debate will only be revealed on the day, but you are encouraged to think about the subject below in preparation:

Executive pay has been climbing in recent years, at a faster rate than average pay. Some CEOs make over 180 times the pay of the average UK worker. The gap between the richest and most people has been climbing as a result. Do you think the difference in pay rates are justifiable?

Questions to Consider:

  1. What sort of value do the most senior executives add to companies? Is it enough to justify the pay difference?

  2. Is it only high pay that encourages people to take up senior executive jobs? Would people be willing to do these jobs for less?

  3. Are there other ways to close the gap between the rich and poor that might work better?

REGISTER NOW to begin the New Year as a more confident public speaker and debater.

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