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Fabian Women's Network (FWN) has been a force for women on the left since 2005. We believe in lifting each other up and creating space for diverse women in politics. FWN exists to ensure that all women’s voices are influential in politics, public life and policy making. All of our work is underpinned by values of sisterhood, solidarity and service.

FWN aims to be an intersectional feminist network. This means it understands the barriers women face when entering and progressing in politics and public life are not the same for everyone, with some women facing multiple and intersecting layers of discrimination. FWN works to elevate a range of voices and promote those in political and public life who are under-represented.

Why Donate?

Everything we do is run completely by volunteers, we have an elected volunteer Executive Committee and no paid staff. We don't charge for our mentoring scheme to try and remove as many barriers as possible for women to access this training and support.

Our network has been a vital source of encouragement and advice to thousands of women in political and public life around the country. We are really proud of the change we have been enacting but there is so much more to do. 

To keep producing our research, policy work, events and mentoring scheme we need your help. Please consider donating to the work of Fabian Women's Network today. 

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Would go towards our Mailchimp account so we can keep in touch with our mentees.

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Would pay towards a travel bursary for one mentee outside of London.


Would pay for 1 mentee to go to Barnsley for the renowned boot-camp weekend honing skills for public life.


Would pay for top quality media training for one cohort.

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