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Tribute to Jo Cox

Jo Cox was an all-round amazing Labour woman. We, Fabian women, are shocked, troubled and devastated by the news of the tragic and brutal death of a sister, role model and friend. She touched the lives of all who met her and there is a gaping hole in our movement today.

We want to pay tribute to her work: as Chair of the Labour Women’s Network, Jo championed the role of women in public life and worked relentlessly to increase the number of female MPs. She had a long established history of standing up for the voiceless and this continued when she became an MP for her home constituency of Batley and Spen. As a new MP she wasted no time, insisting the British government should accept Syrian refugees and seeking a solution the conflict. It was inspiring to see a woman talking with such passion, grace and intelligence about security, international politics and humanitarian policy, a territory usually dominated by male voices.

Thank you Jo for all you’ve done for women in Britain and internationally. An inspiration and bright star, we are better people  and our movement is a better place because of your warmth, determination and integrity. We will continue to defend our democratic institutions, push for more women in public life and, most of all, do all we to ensure kindness and respect always win in our country.

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