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Stand Up and Be Counted: Be a Councillor

Our FWN booklet has been created to encourage women to stand to be a councillor. It is also an easy to navigate guide to help answer your questions, explain the process and to encourage you to use your gifts and talents to serve your community.

All over the country selection processes are underway and interested parties are attending information events, talking to friends and family then filling in panel forms. The overwhelming majority of these interested parties are men.

Download a copy to read:

  1. Teresa Pearce MP (Shadow Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government) on what a difference can you make as a councillor

  2. Cllr Sharon Taylor (Leader, Stevenage Borough Council; Vice Chair of the Local Government Association) explains why you should stand for council

  3. Cllr Preet Kaur Gill (Cabinet Member, Public Health and Protection, Sandwell Council) on why councils should be representative of our diverse communities.

  4. There is information about what steps you need to follow to get selected to stand as a Labour councillor

  5. Cllr Alice Perry (Chief Whip, Islington Council; NEC member) gives advice on the rules and laws council candidates should be aware of.

  6. Uma Kumaran (Local Government Association Labour Group) gives some tips to help you get selected for a winnable seat

  7. Cllr Beth Knowles (Manchester City Council) gives advice on building community links

  8. Cllr Ellie Southwood (Lead Member for Environment, Brent) on how to engage with ward members before selection meetings

  9. Cllr Sarah Hayward (Leader, Camden Council) gives tips to ensure you shine at selection

  10. Cllr Peray Ahmet (Cabinet Member for Environment, Haringey Council) gives advice on what not to say in your interview

  11. There are tips to help you have that winning speech at the selection meeting

  12. Cllr Judi Billing (North Hertfordshire District Council) on how to make sure your gender doesn’t hold you back.

  13. There is a case study from Cllr Alice Smart (Lead Member for Child Friendly Leeds of Leeds City Council) about her experience of being a young councillor

  14. There is a case study from Cllr Claudia Webbe (Executive Member, Environment and Transport, Islington Council; NEC member) about her experience as a cabinet member

  15. There is a case study from Cllr Samantha Jury-Dada (Southwark Council) about her experience of being a candidate in a by-election.

  16. There is a case study from  Cllr Abena Oppong-Asare (Bexley Council) about her experience of being a councillor in opposition

  17. There are lots of useful organisations, websites, acronyms and jargon you can refer to

We hope that this booklet, will encourage you to stand up and be counted: be a councillor.

In sisterhood,

Abena, Abi, Sara and the FWN Executive Committee

Cllr Abena Oppong-Asare (Bexley Council), Cllr Abigail Wood (Camden Council) & Sara Hyde (Vice Chair FWN)

P.s Thanks to LGA Labour Group for funding and their support

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