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Reimagining the Existing Economic Model

Further to our highly successful conference in late April on economic renewal, Fabian Women’s Network and Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung London have collated a pamphlet on Reimagining the Existing Economic Model with contributions from experts across a myriad of sectors.

This pamphlet was launched on July 4th 2017. If you wish to talk further about any of the issues raised in the pamphlet, or have an interest in this work, please contact


Ivana Bartoletti Silke Breimaier Victoria Chick Frances Coppola Carole Easton Susan Himmelweit Mary Honeyball Rebecca McDonald Gloria Mills Ruby Peacock Rachael Saunders Fiona Twycross Reema Patel Megan Corton Scott

Compiled, edited and designed by Silke Breimaier, Andrew Robertson and Megan Corton Scott 

Please feel free to download the pamphlet here.

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