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Labour market digitisation: What does it mean for women?

The economy, industry and how we work has changed rapidly over the last two decades, largely due to digitisation, automation and globalisation. Having a closer look at how women and men are differently affected by these processes can help to come up with answers for some of the challenges we face in this respect and spark new ideas for job creation in the digital economy.

Our panel event organised in partnership with Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung London will set out to explore:

  1. What are the most significant changes to the labour markets over the last two decades that have the biggest impact on women?

  2. What does the fourth industrial revolution mean for women?

  3. What does a gender perspective tell us on the challenges we face with the transformation of our labour markets?

  4. Which policy-solutions are desirable and feasible? Are there best practice examples?

  5. Can we see the same trends in all European countries or are there any differences? What can we learn from each other?

  6. How can social democrats shape the ongoing transformation to make it more gender equal?

Confirmed speakers:

Chi Onwurah MP, Shadow Minister for Industrial Strategy

Paolo Falco, Economist, OECD

Charlotte Holloway, Policy Director Europe and International, TechUK

Valerie Mocker, Head of Development and European Digital Policy, NESTA

The event will be followed by a drinks reception, an excellent opportunity to mingle and continue the discussion.

This event is open to all but registration is mandatory. If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch: 

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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