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FWN mentoring helped me kick-start my political career

With applications for the next cohort of our mentoring programme open (23 May to 15 June 2015), we hear from former mentee Farah Hussain on her experience of the scheme.

My last year has been one of progress and achievements. So much of what I have done is down to the FWN Mentoring Programme and all the support and encouragement that it has given me.

I began the programme as a master’s student who had been persuaded by her local Labour party to stand in the 2014 local elections. Having finished my studies, I now have a great job working at the Greater London Authority and am a confident councillor, representing thousands of people on Redbridge council. I have even been promoted in the council and now have a position within the cabinet.

I certainly worked hard to achieve what I have, but I can’t say that it wasn’t without help. The support of all the wonderful women on the programme, their advice and encouragement was key to getting me out of my comfort zone. The weekend we spent away in Barnsley and the conversations I had with everyone encouraged me to apply for a job that I would never have considered just a few months before. The confidence that I gained from all the public speaking training and Labour party knowledge that the programme gave me meant that I performed well at the interview and I was offered the job.

The FWN Mentoring Programme nurtured me and helped me kick-start my career in politics. For that I thank my mentor, Jennette Arnold, Christine and Caroline, and my fellow mentees who will always be an inspiration to me.

Farah Hussain is a cabinet member on Redbridge council. She tweets @FarahKHussain


Click here for more information on our mentoring programme and how to apply.

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