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Fabiana Autumn 2015

We are delighted to publish the September 2015 edition of Fabiana, ‘The Seas of Change: what direction should the democratic left take?‘, edited by Reema Patel and Paulina Jacubek. Our contributors, including Seema Malhotra MP, Keir Starmer MP and Kate Green MP, seek to explore the challenges ahead for Labour and the centre-left in the face of a Conservative majority government.

Fabiana issue 10 cover

Featured articles:

Never Underestimate Your Opponent – Kezia Dugdale MSP How Similar are the SNP and UKIP? – Rachel Megan Barker Labour Can Innovate in Local Government – Alice Perry Greater Devolution, Increased Investment – Judith Blake Constitutional Challenges for Labour – Sarah Sackman We Cannot Be Casual About Human Rights – Keir Starmer MP Britain Cannot Stand Isolated – Seema Malhotra MP Europe: Never More Needed – Ivana Bartoletti Protecting the Life-Chances of Children – Kate Green MP Transforming Women’s Lives Through Mentoring – Dr Rosie Campbell and Christine Megson

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